Saturday, February 8, 2014

A beautiful "art hotel" in Beijing [photos]

The Jiangtai Art Hotel in Beijing is one of the most amazing places I've stayed in my life. The "art hotel" name is more than symbolic: the entire hotel is covered with art of various sorts. The lobby:

The hallways:

The rooms:

The furniture:

And even the elevators:

and the stairwells (which Chinese people never use):

Here are some of the cool sculptures on the first floor:

these are door handles
Some of the rooms have special themes, from love:

to Americana:

to Modernism:

to fitness:

to Japan:

Imagine sleeping here for a night!

Of course, this being China, there was also some amusing Chinglish:

The reason I stayed there at the time was actually not because of the decorations, but because I was broke and could use my meager American Airlines rewards miles to stay in the Honeycomb rooms. These rooms - if they can be called that - are decidedly for those who are not claustrophobic:

But at $13 per night, and in the middle of such a gorgeous environment, I wasn't about to complain.

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